Kate Ritson, installation view of “Corona,” 2014.

Kate Ritson

San Antonio

Southwest School of Art

Kate Ritson, a professor of art at San Antonio’s Trinity University, has unveiled a new body of work after a difficult decade spent caring for aging parents and dealing with her own health issues. There’s always been a strong correlation between her body and her art. In the past, she’s shown large-scale, totemic wood sculptures, shaped with power tools, chainsaws, and routers out of cedar beams and salvaged railroad timber. Often elaborately carved or branded to create skin-like patterns or tattoos, these elegantly rugged works are usually burned and blackened. Ritson’s recent show, “Corona,” featured new, circular forms that not only embraced experimental materials such as carbon fiber, but also brought color into her work for the first time. The fiery red of a hot kiln…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.