Jyung Mee Park, Untitled, detail, 1997-98.

Jyung Mee Park

Washington, DC

Corcoran Gallery of Art

First impressions are rarely so misleading as in the case of an initial encounter with Jyung Mee Park’s sculpture. On entering her recent installation, one glimpses crystalline perfection: quartz-faceted
surfaces glowing with an almost cold, internal light. Remote and monumental, nine objects-all simple, self-contained forms-dramatically emerge from the dimly lit space. Seen from a distance, they exude solidity, strength, and permanence. And yet, they seem to move ever so slightly, gently rustling in the wake of air currents generated by the movements of viewers passing nearby… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Jyung Mee Park, view of installation Untitled, 1998 (foreground). Paper and mixed media, 240 x 132 x 132 in. Untitled, 1997-98 (background). Paper and mixed media, five elements,48-90 in. high.