Julie Allen, Camisole, 1998. Saran Wrap, wax paper, and tape, 20x13x4in.

Julie Allen

Joseph Hellman Gallery

New York

For Julie Alien, it’s back to basics. ln her case, the basics take the form of women’s underwear-bras, panties, thongs, camisoles, a bustier-garments that shape a woman’s body into the embodiment of desire and the purses and handbags that any proper young lady would not leave home without. Elegantly designed, skillfully constructed, and oh so flirtatious, these accessories give new definition to the term “foundations.’ As sculptural objects, articles of clothing, and fashion statements, they share both pleasure and a discourse of critique… Subscribe to Sculpture Magazine to view the full review.

Julie Allen, Oriental Purse, 1998. Wax paper, Saran Wrap, cigarette foil, and tape, 7 x 6 x 4 in.