Julianne Swartz, Line Drawing, 2012. Tape, optical lenses, mirrors,lights, and fan, installation view.

Julianne Swartz

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Museum of Art

For Julianne Swartz, liminality is the common locus across disparate objects and materials. She holds some aspects of her work just outside of perceptibility and invites viewers to become participants, to cross thresholds of comprehension and thus fulfill the works. In “How Deep Is Your,” Swartz installed her works not only according to architectural spaces, but also in anticipation of visitors’ bodies. For Line Drawing, she placed blue plastic tape on the wall, punctuating the line with lenses that invited viewers to squat and peer into lathing and institutional nether spaces containing hyperbolic continuations of her line. This voyeuristic encounter divulged a radical interruption of the minimal wall drawing. As is the case with many of Swartz’s objects, curiosity and interaction were satisfied …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.