Jordan Eagles,Configuration,2011. Blood preserved on plexiglas, UV resin, and unpreserved blood dust, 3 elements, 24 x 24 x 84 in. each.

Jordan Eagles


Mills Gallery

Jordan Eagles has discovered that blood, dried in quantity, turns into rock-like forms and then crumbles into flakes and dust. Distributing this medium with an unerring eye on a large backing, he then seals it into place with UV resin. The results are varied and intellectually engaging. Perhaps a little frisson is added when one knows the medium. Yet it isn’t the first time that a bodily fluid—in this case, slaughterhouse blood—has cropped up in an artwork. With no hint of gore, Eagles’s material of choice has an eerie beauty. In BDLF2, dark lithic clots are spattered on red. BDLF3 presents shiny-sided stones. Confetti-like flakes are scattered on a white ground in Blood Dust 3-4. Several diptychs present such arrangements …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.