John Grade, Piedmont Divide, 2011. Heat-formed salvaged plastic bottles, 2-part installation at Emory University; work over Quadrangle 18 x 22 x 24 ft., work in the Lullwater Preserve, 7 x 28 x 28 ft.

John Grade


Emory University

John Grade’s Piedmont Divide installations at Emory University inhabited two very different areas of the campus. A constantly moving curtain of hundreds of individual parts was suspended over the Quadrangle, a grassy, tree-filled space briskly inhabited by students, faculty, dog walkers, and pecan gatherers. The location is close to the busy streets flanking this urban university, and campus auto traffic comes even closer, a counterpoint to the ostensible calm of the Quadrangle. The second installation appeared in the Lullwater Preserve, an unusual feature to find on an urban campus. An expansive, park-like setting, the preserve can be approached and traversed only on foot. Here, a strange and glittering island of unreal vegetation sprouted in the large, central pond. Silvery stalks took on color from tricks of light, responded gently to air currents, and were wholly ignored by the ducks and geese…see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.