John Beech, Rolling Platform, 2010. Plywood, enamel, casters, and screws, 168 x 152 x 152 cm.

John Beech

New York

Peter Blum Gallery

Favoring simple constructions that look back to the heyday of New York Minimalism in the 1960s, John Beech works just a bit differently from the artists whose work has so strongly influenced him. His aesthetic is closer to process art in that we usually see what it is he has done to plywood and aluminum tubes or other materials taken mostly from everyday carpentry. Unlike the hermetic, monolithic masses so favored by Minimalism, Beech’s work possesses humility—an unexpected but welcome attribute in 21st-century art. By calling attention to fabrication as well as form, Beech shows us that directness of process can make a very human statement—even when the work is thoroughly oriented toward an everyday beauty or common craft. …see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.