Joe Fyfe, Horse, 2016.

Joe Fyfe

New York

Nathalie Karg Gallery

“Kiss the Sky,” Joe Fyfe’s recent exhibition, was a tour-de-force, seamlessly merging bright colors and quotidian materials, including steel, plastic, nylon, fabric, found wood, ink, rope, acrylic, and crayon. With some sculptures zigzagging down the middle of the long gallery, the show created a sort of color field so that the space itself became an active player in the interaction of mass, color, and movement. It’s obvious that Fyfe’s works merge collage, painting, and sculpture with a nod to architecture. What is less obvious is that his abstract constructions materialize interiority. As many objects as possible are shown inside out, as is the case with Advisement, the inside of a fender with a screen and colored balls inside. Gilles, a cotton-on-banner collage, is a reversed red and black Michael Jackson “Bad” poster (the words are backwards); Fyfe has added polka dot, green, and orange fabrics …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.