Jochen Brandt, installation view of beyond this case, 2016.

Jochen Brandt

Hillscheid, Germany

Kunstraum am Limes

Combining a conceptual foundation with elements of outsider art and archaic sculptural forms, Jochen Brandt’s retrospective charted 20 years of multifaceted paths through six discrete installations. Each section presented ideas so highly concentrated and self-referential that subsequent galleries literally demonstrated the show’s enigmatic title, “beyond this case.” Brandt’s mainly ceramic work stems from a creative process in which formal decisions are based on given material circumstances. His installations are hermetic, forming the impression of a landscape of clues in which everything is metaphor and nothing merely itself. Some of the titles are in English; Brandt plays on the gaps in meaning that result from translation, emphasizing the divide between the nature of his objects and their profound ambiguity. …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.