Against the Current, 2004. Hospital Bed, crumpled bed sheet, 2 video projections, and sound, installation view.

Joan Truckenbrod: Exploring the In-Between

Video sculpture, at its best, represents a rich fusion of the materially embodied space of sculpture and the chronologically successive, fleeting moments of time. This synthesis lies at the heart of Joan Truckenbrod’s art. Her sculpture explores the density and mortality of the physical world by depicting that world as a continuous, unfolding, subatomic flow of energy. The medium of video, with its electronic stream of successive instants, is an ideal mode for Truckenbrod’s themes, which evoke the dynamic human cycles of life and death. Her sculptural forms—often dappled with flickering video images and amplified by the sounds of rushing, splashing water—are meant to call up the underlying world of contemporary quantum physics, which defines corporeal existence as a vibrating, impalpable energy that circulates throughout the universe and binds atoms together.