Jitish Kallat, One Hour, 2011–12. Cast concrete, 19 x 64 x 31 in.

Jitish Kallat

New Delhi

Nature Morte Gallery

Jitish Kallat draws on the energy of Mumbai to narrate the city’s story while creating a thought-provoking oasis where one can ponder various aspects of urban life. The title of his recent show, “Chlorophyll Park,” pays homage to the green pigment found in plants. Photo collages that combine everyday scenes with a verdant green grass make chaos seem almost restful. Kallat captures the nuances of life—the struggle underlying the calm, the fight to survive, the simple desire to live: “I look for deeper questions that lie at the very heart of our existence; in doing so, one might draw up associations, summon anecdotes, play with formal devices, metaphors, and evoke familiar daily experiences.” The large-scale sculpture Annexation takes the form of a beautifully crafted, humble kerosene stove, a fixture in millions of Indian households. …see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.