Jim lsermann, Cubeweave, 1997. Handloomed cotton, 52.5 x b2.5 x 52.5 in.

Jim Isermann

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Museum of Art

Jim lsermann’s traveling retrospective, “Fifteen,” currently at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, seems-at first take-to be as unthreatening (in terms of aesthetic decision-making) as a furniture showroom. The exhibition presents itself as a candid discussion of egalitarian visual pleasure- even homespun beauty. And since each of us is our own authority on optimum trappings for various kinds of living (especially
domestic) spaces, a preliminary encounter with this work is spectator friendly. The smiling, pointing, enthusiastic conversations among viewers in response to sculptures such as Untitled (capsule) (0397), a bright yellow, red, blue, green, and orange hand-braided cotton and wood form that lolls seductively in the center of the undivided gallery, give credit to the benefits of this kind of gesture… Subscribe to Sculpture Magazine to read this review in full.

Untitled, 1997 Hand-braided cotton,38 x 76 x 38 in.