Jessica Stockholder, The Guests All Crowded Into the Dining Room, 2016. Platform, deck, ramp, railing, and wire cable, installation view.

Jessica Stockholder

New York

Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Though Jessica Stockholder is known for both freestanding sculptures and works that extend from the wall into space, she introduced an interactive component into her recent exhibition. Taking over almost half of a large gallery space, the title work, The Guests All Crowded Into the Dining Room, fused aspects of sculpture and painting with an active experience of viewing. Bio­morphic shapes rendered in vibrant colors were transformed into a large stage and platform. Mean­while, each viewer’s individual engagement with the work helped to make it responsive to constant flux-Stockholder’s sculptural rendition of an ephemeral moment. After entering the platform, one found a staircase leading to an elevated deck. Stockholder’s drawings, grouped along adjacent walls at considerable height, came into view during the ascent…see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.