Jeremy Dean, CEO Stagecoach, 2010. Converted Hummer H2 with audio and entertainment system, 144 x 96 x 96 in.

Jeremy Dean

New York

{CTS} creative thriftshop

Jeremy Dean’s CEO Stagecoach (2010), which presents a satirical proposition about the future of the automobile and the planet, is part of “Back to the Futurama,” a project that focuses on the rise and fall of the automobile industry as a symbol of the vulnerability wrought by turbo-capitalism. Dean draws the name from two sources: a General Motors-sponsored exhibition at the 1939 New York World’s Fair that hailed a futuristic American utopia completely transformed by highways and suburbs and the mid-1980s movie Back to the Future, which features a famously re-engineered…see the full review in January/February’s magazine.