Jeffrey Schiff, Carpet Rubble #2, 2016. Oriental carpet, rubble, glue, and rubber, 7 x 70 x 46 in.

Jeffrey Schiff


Rafius Fane Gallery

“DisInterRuptions,” Jeffrey Schiff’s recent exhibition, included a selection of floor sculptures (many from the “Carpet Rubble” series), three-dimensional studies, and photo-based wall reliefs from the “Inter rup tions” series. The “Carpet Rubble” works feature chunks of concrete debris re-surfaced with pieces of Oriental rugs. Schiff then works the hybrid forms like large jigsaw puzzle pieces to reconstruct original patterns, restoring what he had temporarily destroyed. These fragmented works, dominated by tones of Indian red and sienna, suggest the dislocations of the current global condition….see the entire review in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.