James Turrell, Breathing Light, 2013. LED light, 4 views of installation.

James Turrell

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

James Turrell’s ongoing exploration of light as art is grounded in the phenomenological even as it touches on the philosophical. Immanence comes quickly to mind because the consistency or quiddity of his work is keyed to the viewer’s act of perceiving and because light also alludes to something beyond itself, foreshadowing a conversation about the metaphysical. The immersion in baths, beams, and chambers of variable or fixed light, the lapse of time required to physically absorb the changes in the light and in our shifting perception of it, the long walk to cover the square footage of the exhibition layout all add up to an entirely other experience than a usual museum tour. You cannot peruse a James Turrell installation; you have to commit to encountering it… see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.