James Siena

New York

Pace Gallery

James Siena’s extensive show of large and small, intricate sculptures in wood and metal seemed very much like an essay in structure. In an interview with Julia Schwartz for Figure/Ground, Siena acknowledged the influence of open-wire works of art: “I met Alan Saret early in my years in New York and was tremendously moved by his light-permeable wire sculptures.” While the range of sculpture in Siena’s exhibition was broad, both in size and materials (bronze, cherry wood, bamboo), the fabrication process was close to identical: sticks are attached to the ends of other sticks, the connections building an open design in which light and space are as important as the construction itself. The angular splices between one element and the next show us how a very simple process—the joining of two linear elements—can result in three-dimensional works of unusually attractive complexity. …see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.