Installation view of “Luminous Flux,” with (left to right) Forrest Myers, Split Decision, 2011, computer program on LED, 4.5 min.; Forrest Myers, Couch Potato, 2011, steel spring wire; and Jim Clark, The Future is Now, 2011, water, polyethene plastic, acrylic, and fiber optics.

James O. Clark and Forrest Myers

Queens, New York

Regina Rex

Western, particularly American, artists will never cease in their quest to find the aesthetic in common objects, to be inventive with found and discarded materials. James O. Clark and Forrest Myers, whose works recently featured in “Luminous Flux,” have spent their careers creating sculptural objects from discarded plastic, metal, and wooden detritus and cast-off technology. Entering a darkened space, viewers were immersed in an atmosphere of glowing lights and deep sounds. The illumination came from two sources: a transparent pendant hanging by a fiber-optic tube from the ceiling in Clark’s The Future is Now (2011) and a video projecting an array of primary colors gradually transitioning through the spectrum in Myers’s four short videos (Split Decision, Snow, Two Million Colors and Their Opposite, and The Image After [1989–2011]). Myers, who is also known for his inventive furniture designs, installed a couch of assembled found materials in the middle of the gallery so that viewers could watch in comfort.…see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.