James Higdon, Stacey Chinn

St. Louis

A.D. Brown Building

Stacey R. Chinn, Untitled, 1997-98. Mixed media, installation view.

The recent popularity of toy-themed sculptures in no way prepares one for James Higdon’s series of works titled So Much, So Many. While they partly evoke toys, these works, made of cast and forged metals combined with found wheels, handles, chains, and knobs, also suggest tools, furniture, even congenial torture devices-rich evocations, indeed. With worn patinas and top-heavy in form, some of Higdon’s works are almost, but not quite, nostalgic-for nostalgia usually occurs within a frame of reference, which is tantalizingly absent here… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

James A. Higdon, Reverie, 1999. Mixed media, installation view.