Jackie Brookner, Of Earth and Cotton, 1994-98. Earth on shipping skids, 34 portraits

Jackie Brookner

Bronx, New York

Wave Hill Glynder Gallery

First trained as an art historian at Wellesley College and Harvard, Jackie Brookner moved to downtown New York in 1976, where she studied art at the New York Studio School. Her paintings and sculptures reflect a thorough knowledge of and kinship with the legacy of the New York School, but she is primarily known for her social practice. In 2000, she began developing unusual public projects (Brookner died in 2015), which used water—rivers, streams, storm run-offs—and water-related issues as the centerpiece of an effort to merge art, ecological awareness, and practical intervention in troubled outdoor landscapes. “Of Nature,” a mini-retrospective organized by Wave Hill’s senior curator Jennifer McGregor and independent curator Amy Lipton, gave long overdue appreciation to this highly active and independent artist. The show could only hint at the scope of Brookner’s .…see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.