Raishad JaBar Glover, H20 C15 H12 Br4 O2, 2012. Ice blocks and hoodies, installation view. From “It’s a Phase.”

“It’s a Phase”

Bellaire, Texas

Russ Pitman Park

A phase is a division in time or space. “It’s a Phase,” a recent group show in Houston’s Russ Pitman Park, reflected and questioned the phasing between the natural and the artificial that defines the site itself. Russ Pitman Park is both an apotheosis of the natural/native and of the construction now necessary to preserve and convey a cohesive “natural” space in an urban setting. This tension between the ecology of “nature” and its (re)construction traversed a number of pieces in the exhibition. The subtlety of the show’s construction first emerged as the viewer attempted to locate the works, which were set amid high native grasses... see the entire review in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.