These, 2015. Found Clothes and nails, installation at an abandoned factory in Athens.

Iakovos Volkov: In Forgotten Places

On the edges of the Greek urban landscape, in neglected and abandoned buildings, Iakovos Volkov composes eloquent, cerebral sculptures. Made of discarded materials that he finds and reimagines, his works give meaning to spaces that have lost relevance, environments scarred by a lacerated economy. Volkov leaves his mark on the interiors of empty, crumbling factories, creating gestures of respect in once-vital places. He works primarily in two of Greece’s largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, where buildings reference legacy. Ancient classical structures coexist with modern and contemporary architecture, blending into an expressive vitality that energizes the narrative of the streets. Volkov has been making art in public settings since he was a boy. .…see the entire article in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.