Detail of Empire, 2001. Cut drywall, international newspapers, and drywall dust, 66 x 160 x 12 in. Courtesy Artpace san antonio.

Hills Snyder: The Story Doesn’t Tell Itself

Chances are that Hills Snyder was born in Lubbock, Texas, in 1950, although he may have been birthed on a Tennessee mountaintop. He grew up in the West Texas panhandle, where he co-mingled the trials of suburban Lubbock and the tribulations of a ranching legacy along the Texas/New Mexico border. It is fairly certain that Snyder wandered far from his surroundings with the help of Time Life’s version of modern art, Bob Dylan, and the British invasion of the airwaves. And though he is definitely not a cowboy, the lore of the frontier is inherent in his heritage and spurs his work: the myths and trails that have outlined the West also outline Snyder’s art.