Raul Keller, installation view of “Six Drums,” 2015.

Raul Keller


SIC Galleria

Raul Keller’s artistic trajectory cuts through the realms of sound art, video, photography, live performance, and installation. For his gallery and museum exhibitions, he often brings in elements from several of these spheres to create site-specific installations that immerse the viewer in sonic environments. In recent years, his explorations have tended to use a specific range of sound devices—typically, membrane speakers, trampolines in various shapes and sizes, and parabolic dishes, which he presents in diverse arrangements. At times, colored light imparts an additional aura of drama, mystery, or wonder. Keller’s recent show “Six Drums” suggested that he might be changing his tack, the heterogeneity evidenced in earlier presentations giving way to a much more integrated and decidedly cogent approach. The appearance of the exhibition was quite deceptive. The initial impression of a meager installation accompanied by a humdrum soundtrack belied the work’s visual power and complex sonority. …see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.