Tony Cragg, Atmos, 1991. Steel, 3 elements, 116 x 101, 101 x 78.3, and 89 x 76 cm. diameter.

Hakone Open-Air Museum: Sculpture in the Mountains of Japan

Hakone Open-Air Museum, established in 1969, was the first sculpture park in Japan and the second outdoor collection of sculpture in the world (the first being the Middleheim Museum of Sculpture at Arnheim, Belgium, founded in 1950). Diverse and eclectic, Hakone offers a wide range of major works by prominent Western and Japanese artists of the 20th century. There are well-known and expected sculptures such as Rodin’s Balzac (1891–98), the surprisingly unexpected such as Manzù’s somber The Door of Death (1962–64), and a separate gallery with a collection of 300 works by Picasso.