Grisha Bruskin

New York

Marlborough Gallery

Grisha Bruskin, Woman with Lenin’s Mausoleum, 1999. Porcelain, 8 in. high.

Staring straight ahead with blank, unseeing eyes, Grisha Bruskin’s perfect figures are identifiable only by the objects they carry. Like a blank slate waiting to be written on, they stand motionless, soulless, and powerless awaiting orders: gray, robotic, expressionless people displaying guns, missiles, medals, and maps. lt is their fate to be dictated to, to play a supporting role in history’s cruel progress. These are the faceless victims of Russia’s totalitarian regime: innocent soldiers, teachers, nurses, men, women, and children whose identities were suppressed, their lives controlled by the state… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Boy with Lemur, 1999. porcelain, 8.5 in. high.