Greg Hannan, Commuter Study #3, 1999. Six hat blocks, approximately 12 x 72 x 12 in.

Greg Hannan

Washington, DC

Numark Gallery

Greg Hannan s show “Commuter” stimulates a nexus of feelings and ideas. The objects he uses to create his sculptures aren’t just found. They are abandoned, alienated, and stripped of their original functions. The countless voices and unseen hands of their former lives impregnate the silent stillness of the gallery. Where they came from exactly and where Hannan has them going remain enigmatic. Recurring images of a puzzle or a game, however, suggest that the task of finding definite solutions defies logic and calculation… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Between Two Men, 1999. Abacus construction of found wood and tennis balls,48 x 32 x 3in.