Stephanie Robison, Mat, 2004. Fabric, thread, and polyester fiberfill, 64 x 41 in. area. From “Go Ahead…Touch Me!”

“Go Ahead…Touch Me!”


Manifest Gallery

Mischievous intent and scrupulous execution do not necessarily go hand in hand in sculpture, but “Go Ahead…Touch Me!” featured works that answer both criteria. Manifest Gallery cast a wide electronic net with its request for “deliberately interactive and touchable” submissions, receiving an international response of more than 100 works. A two-part jury/curatorial process settled on six pieces by five artists, three from the U.S., one from England, and one from Norway. Though the Norwegian entry, from Marisa Ferreira, almost comes off as a painting, it is purposefully and importantly three-dimensional. Transformable Wall Object I (2011) filled almost an entire wall with a gridded arrangement of wooden squares (approximately four inches to a side and about half an inch thick), sporting a bright acrylic color on each and every face. The back sides of the panels were attached to the wall with Velcro, and viewers could arrange and re-arrange at will. …see the entire review in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.