The Urban Garden, 2011. Mixed media and kinetic water feature, approx. 30 ft. high. This page: South Park Community Center, 1989. Views of entrance gate and circle with bronzes. Work created in collaboration with ARC Architects.

Ginny Ruffner’s Seattle Garden

Ginny Ruffner’s role in the early years of the Pilchuck Glass School and inspirational recovery from a severe car accident in 1991 have kept her close to the hearts of many cultural observers in the Pacific Northwest, so, of course, the installation of her new, 27-foot-tall, almost 10,000-pound, mechanized sculpture in downtown Seattle has generated widespread interest. Last summer, after years of planning and a complicated fabrication process, The Urban Garden was finally unveiled and celebrated across a period of several weeks. A whimsical, monumental work in bright colors that leavens the mood at the corner of 7th Avenue and Union Street, Ruffner’s work has added vibrancy and humor to the downtown core…see the entire article in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.