Southwest, 1970. Flares, dimensions variable.

Geny Dignac: Playing With Fire

Geny Dignac says that she has “a love affair with fire.” The Argentina-born, Arizona-based sculptor began incorporating living flames into her work during the late 1960s. As she explains the relationship: “I respect fire; I’m bewitched and obsessed by it, but I’m not intimidated by it, and I always feel in control.” When Dignac began using fire, artists all over the Western world were experimenting with radical new materials, techniques, and ideas. More than four decades later, Dignac is still refining, rethinking, and exploring new possibilities in her fire pieces—and many other kinds of sculpture. “I don’t feel old,” Dignac commented in a recent telephone interview. And, in photographs and in person, it is difficult to guess her age. This diminutive, bright-eyed woman with a cap of dark hair has boundless energy, a keen intelligence, a love of adventure, and a tremendous sense of fun. She does admit, however, that she is beginning to slow down, “just a little bit.”.…see the entire article in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.