Gary Haven Smith, Swept Away, 2014.

Gary Haven Smith

Boothbay, Maine

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Boogie Woogie and Wiggle Room are hardly names one would expect to find for sculptures in stone, but Gary Haven Smith is hardly your ordinary stone sculptor. His approach is somewhere between a considered Zen aesthetic and playful invention. “Stone Waves,” his recent exhibition, showcased the impressive range of his freestanding work. Swept Away, perched on a pyramidal granite obelisk, looks like a twisted piece of paper. Its eccentric, complex curves resemble ram’s horns or the head of a shamanistic figure. The whorls on each side are shell-like, in the sense of spiraling into the center, but they also resemble wings. The piece looks as if it might lift off. Smith’s approach to stone is distinctive and unique. His preferred medium is glacial boulders, when he can find them. …see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.