Gail Grinnell, angle of response, 2014. Acrylic-treated sum polyester, ink, and natural dyes, 22 x 55 x 37ft.

Gail Grinnell

Boise, Idaho

Boise Art Museum

Seattle artist Gail Grinnell has gained her share of attention over the past several years with thoughtful fabric-based installations and striking wall hangings at prominent venues throughout the Northwest. angle of repose, a site-specific project for the Boise Art Museum’s high-ceilinged, expansive Sculpture Court, enabled her to create her largest work to date, spanning the entire 80-foot-long space. With assistance from her artist son, Sam Wildman, Grinnell fabricated an expansive, lightweight, yet imposing structure made from 600 yards of translucent seamstress interfacing held together by crochet pins. Though the work appears fragile, these ribbons of treated, spun-bound fabric are, in fact, resilient. Dyes made from tea, coffee, and India ink produce an understated palette of browns, grays, and black, interwoven…see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.