The Descent, (detail), 2008. Porcelain, approx. 150 x 350 cm. diameter.

Fusion: A Conversation with Rachel Kneebone

British sculptor Rachel Kneebone uses porcelain to create deeply psychological and sensual tableaux of contorted bodies and limbs. I first came across her work at the Brooklyn Museum, where it was paired with the sculpture of Auguste Rodin in the exhibition “Regarding Rodin” (2012). The comparison is apt: Kneebone, too, is inspired by themes of generation, renewal, and the cycles of life. She is a wildly inventive artist who works at an exceptional level of rigor and discipline. Her sculptures appear to be in constant flux; their oscillation between connection and disconnection includes a middle ground where the imagery fuses. This creates a circular rather than a linear sense of time; the viewer’s glance returns to approximately the same conceptual location, but with the sense of place altered by subtle changes…see the entire article in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.