Franka Hörnschemeyer, Imaginary State, 2016

Franka Hörnschemeyer


Galerie Nordenhake

Imaginary State, Franka Hörnschemeyer’s site-specific installation for the first-floor space of Galerie Nordenhake, explored and helped to underline the unique architecture of its location. Made of metal stud framing and drywall sheets, the labyrinthine construction was accompanied by a selection of architectural plans and objects made of various construction materials. Hörnschemeyer arranged many self-supporting modules into gridlike constructions of various heights and footprints. These followed the ceiling of the exhibition space, which is characterized by very pronounced parallel beams evocative of scaffolding. The resulting composition drew a vertical connection between sculpture and ceiling that helped to accentuate the latter’s diversions. …see the entire review in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.