Untitled, 2016. Ropes, beads, ceramic, and braided straw, 200 x 100 x 90 cm.

Everything Is Alive: A Conversation with Maria Nepomuceno

Dynamic forms, organic shapes, and bright colors loaded with implied growth and energy characterize Maria Nepomuceno’s work. “Everything is in transformation,” she says. “Everything is alive in the work.” Beginning with a point and a line – via a bead and a string – Nepomuceno builds up forms and compositions, creating sculptures and installations that aim to exchange “affection” between artworks and viewers/ participants. This affection has clearly resonated, prompting invitations for solo exhibitions at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London (2016-17), the Barbican Centre in London (2016), the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro (2013), Turner Contemporary in Margate, England (2012), and Magasin III in Stockholm (2010). Born in Rio de Janeiro, Nepomuceno continues to live in and draw inspiration from that city. …see the entire article in the print version of sept’s Sculpture magazine.