Elke Soloman, A Tavola, 2006. Mixed media, dimensions variable.

Elke Soloman

New York

ALR. Gallery

A Tavola is a command and a call to arms, summoning us to the table and the concomitant onslaught of memory—personal, emotional, social, communal, graphic, and visceral— prompted by food. As it calls us to the table, it also warns us of the abundance awaiting to seduce us to excess, Fittingly, Elke Solomon cooks and spends her summers in Italy, where she recently re-read Proust. Her “madeleine,” however, is a compacted art historical/pop culture cache. Closing the gap between art and life with wit and humor, her visual language appears so accessible that it may momentarily divert you from its layered complexity and sophistication…see the full review in January/February’s magazine.