Ed Zelenak, Levitation Channel Pass, 2011–12. Alloyed tin on copper, 54 x 39 in.

Ed Zelenak


Christopher Cutts Gallery

Ed Zelenak’s recent show, “Divining the Frontiers,” marked a new departure in his work with a grid-like series of tin on copperplate pieces. These sculptures are incredibly distant from Zelenak’s monumental Pop Minimalist fiberglass works such as Traffic (1968–69) or his bronze sculptures, which build a volumetric feeling of space out of cast tree branch forms. For Zelenak, these forms are like divining rods, a notion that becomes clear in the floor-based “Concave” series in which the branches are suspended in the space, contrasting with the geometries of their satellite dish-like containers. Zelenak excels at this kind of organic versus geometric tension in his bronze sculptures… see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.