Duane Paxson, Creation, 1996-98. Wood, resin, fiberglass, and acrylic, 99 x 444 x 18 in.

Duane Paxson

Forest Dance

Ford Gallery, Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI

Pliant and spirited, the sculptures of “Forest Dance” enliven the ambient space. Without hands and with featureless spheres or branches for heads, those on the floor pivot like dancers. Those on the wall seem to pulsate to more cosmic rhythms. Composites of nature and manufacture, Duane Paxson’s generic figures join extremities of wood-bent, forked, or curled-to bodies of fiberglass and resin, their irregular surfaces dappled with acrylic paint in blue, red, gold, and green. Underpinning the artist’s expression of nature as numen, however, are learned references to history and great works of the past… Subscribe to Sculpture Magazine to view this review in full.