Crystal Landscape Painting (City), 2017. Hand-blown cut, polished, and mirrored glass, transparent and low-iron mirror, blue mirror, powder- coated steel, electric lighting, wood, and hardware, 130 x 158 x 48 cm.

Doubting Clarity: A Conversation with Josiah McElheny

A sculptor, performance and installation artist, filmmaker, curator, and writer, Josiah McElheny holds a unique place in the contemporary art world. He is best known for work that uses glass, but he also employs many other materials and engages in collaborations with a wide variety of voices, from artists to art historians and literary translators. His Brooklyn studio space includes both a furnace for glassblowing and an extensive library. He is, in many ways, a conductor, commingling disciplines and gathering artists, poets, writers, critics, musicians, dancers, and scientists to motivate his own work as well as theirs. …see the entire article in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.