Doreen McCarthy, installation view of “Outdoor Voices,” 2016.

Doreen McCarthy

New York


Four pretzel-like, inflated tubular shapes hung just overhead in a backyard “garden,” held in place by clear monofilament fishing line. Colored yellow, pink, red, and light blue, each form ranged between three and four feet in size. The red one, Voice Inversion, revealed the most complex entanglement of inverted twists, forming a continuous Möbius strip of sorts. Though the other forms were completely monochromatic, the red piece featured a transparent section. These works might be thought of as super weird beach balls—a good selection for a summer show. Doreen McCarthy has also fabricated monumental versions, far too large to kick about for fun and games, but always fun to behold. Visitors could walk among McCarthy’s works or view them from above, looking out a window o the gallery…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.