Donald Moffett, Lot 080711 (the radiant future), 2011. Oil on linen with wood panel support, concrete mixer, driftwood, wire, and hardware, 104 x 91 x 45 in.

Donald Moffett

New York

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Donald Moffett continually finds new ways to make paintings. A decade ago, he projected moving figurative images onto monochromatic supports of oil and enamel on linen. Five years ago, he zipped open the picture and exposed its painted insides to view—imagine a shallow box with its four panels splayed open at the top and placed parallel to the wall, though in the painting, the zippers run diagonally from the center to the four corners of the rectangular canvas, which, when flapped open, creates a diamond shape framing a rectangular opening (the zippers are not opened all the way) and overlapping a larger rectangle (the periphery of the stretched linen canvas, left raw on the outside). Moffett thereby took abstract painting into the third dimension. In a more recent series, from 2009, he perforated his wooden support with medium-sized holes and covered the front and sides of the panel with extruded paint—a trick that he developed after going to cake-decorating school—collected in greater density around the orifices. …see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.