Karianne Stensland, Great Emotions, 2016

Art Prospect

St. Petersburg, Russia

Last year, Art Prospect, St. Petersburg’s first and only public art festival, marked its fifth year. Since its inception, its artistic vision has been shaped by Susan Katz, an American who has lived in St. Petersburg since 1998, and Kendal Henry, a New Yorker involved with public art. In 2016, the festival focused on social practice and community engagement, with projects by 33 different artists and artist teams, 22 from Russia and the remainder hailing from the U.S., Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Poland. Two of the more impressive works were performances. On each day of the four-day festival, Norwegian Karianne Stensland engaged in Great Emotions, setting herself the task of unifying slabs of Norwegian marble with slabs of Russian marble. …see the entire review in the print version of sept’s Sculpture magazine.