Anne Imhof, Faust, 2017.

Dispatch: Venice Biennale


Christine Macel, curator of the Centre Pompidou and of “Viva Arte Viva,” the 57th International Exhibition, describes art as a force for life: “Art in itself helps us to navigate in these times; its very existence is a resistance in itself… Contemporary art cannot be understood as mere representation or imitation: it is a reality tout court, an instrument of inquiry, both of the creative process and of the different questions pertaining to Humankind and the world.” Macel’s selection of Carolee Schneemann for the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award, based in part on a career devoted to pioneering performances and installations probing the relationship between the body and freedom, coupled with Tehching Hsieh’s representation of Taiwan and the guidelines of “Viva Arte Viva,” suggest that Venice in 2017 might be a fertile field for an investigation into the theme of the body as art. …see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.