Amber Cobb, installation view of “Solace,” 2015.

Amber Cobb

Denver, CO

Gildar Gallery

Amber Cobb’s exhibition, “Solace,” immersed viewers in a sculptural dialogue of fleshy tones and dichotomously seductive and repulsive forms. Building on a practice rooted in psychological and physical attachments, Cobb probed the space between the decorative and the grotesque, filling both rooms of the gallery with 12 wall-bound sculptures, a series of small figurines, and a large, centrally located sculpture in the round. Cobb gathers and treats a range of domestic objects—blankets, bedding, bath mats, figurines, and bedroom furniture—with silicone, resin, paint, and acrylic media. Pouring, dipping, dripping, pooling, and painting directly onto the objects, she renders them into sculptural forms closer to flesh and bodily fluids than inanimate home furnishings. Works cast in silicone and etched with the memory of blankets and other source objects hung deflated and stretched from nails interwoven with more corpulent works …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.