Dennis Oppenheim, Dead Furrow, 1967/2016. Wood surfaced with organic pigment and PVC pipe, 10 x 40 x 35 ft.

Dennis Oppenheim

New Windsor, New York

Storm King Art Center

Over a long and productive career, Dennis Oppenheim produced conceptual art, body art, earthworks, and sculpture. Now, five years after his death, the many phases of his artistic life are being celebrated as never before, in a perfect setting. His evolution from performance artist to creator of land projects and sculptural installations has found full-scale realization at Storm King Art Center (through November 13). Grassy fields accommodate several land projects, originally designed in the 1960s and positioned outdoors for the first time. Sculpture installations have been completed with the foliage designated by the artist in his original sketches. Within Storm King’s vast hills can be found works that have never been seen as Oppenheim envisioned them…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.