David Lang, Journey, 2016.

David Lang


Boston Sculptors Gallery

David Lang’s room-size multimedia installation Journey, an elegant flying machine apparatus suspended about a foot above the floor, communicated a kind of retro sci-fi fantasy. With slowly rotating, frictionless gears to suggest a dreamy traverse across space and time, the sculpture’s delicate metal lattice engaged an upper tier of feathered paper wings that moved ethereally in simulated flight. On the underside of the wings, Lang projected moving imagery synchronized with music, audible only in close proximity. The conceptual statement, fortified by process, dramatically triggered the imagination by relating to interiority and to the potential of a vast worldly and cosmic experience beyond. Journey expanded Lang’s earlier work – toy-like, mechanized gizmos with tongue-in-cheek titles – adapting small-scale processes to a grand scale in order to frame a layered schematic of immersive information. In Journey’s precise engineering, fine .…see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.