Synaptic Passage, 2010. 6 video projectors, 20-minute animation loop, and 1,800 pounds of discarded cables, installation view

Daniel Canogar: Media Brainstorms

In the installations of Spanish artist Daniel Canogar, electronic media work in concert with sculpture to create hypnotic and mesmerizing environments from abandoned technologies. Throughout Canogar’s work, there is an impulse to keep the “human” presence alive. He explores the short life expectancy of technologies and their relationship to organic mortality. Using the detritus of our disposable society, he scours recycling centers and dumps for discarded electronic waste. His re-networked web-like constructions of cables and wires, DVDs, slot machine screens, and videotapes become fascinating and awe-inspiring when combined with projected animations. …see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.