Cyrus Tilton, High Hopes, 2010. Concrete and steel, 63 x 26 x 18.5 in.

Cyrus Tilton


Vessel Gallery

This is Cyrus Tilton’s fourth exhibition at a gallery near downtown Oakland, part of a recent burst of art activity that started there in 2006, when a few storefronts began to display artworks. Now, nearly 30 galleries and mixed-use venues show works by young artists; there are art walks on Saturdays, and on first Fridays, busy Telegraph Avenue is closed to traffic, food trucks appear, and the place becomes an art party. It’s a bit like the East Village in the ’70s or Venice Beach without the beach.Tilton grew up in the Alaskan wil­derness near Anchorage, and nature remains primary in his work. A previous show, called “The Cycle,” featured works using the locust as a metaphor for problems of overpopulation and conspicuous consumption... see the entire review in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.