Crystal Schenk, Artifacts of Memory, 2012. 1100 magnets, silk flower petals, and wire, 18 x 36 ft.

Crystal Schenk

McMinnville, Oregon

Linfield Gallery

Crystal Schenk’s installation Artifacts of Memory started off as a vague image in her mind connected to the loss and longing that she experienced after her mother’s suicide. She captured these qualities by creating a circular field of magnets, one set hung from the ceiling and the other tethered to the floor using nearly invisible wire. The result was an almost magically hovering, two-level cloud of objects, with a plane of empty space separating them. The installation had an overpowering and almost disorienting effect on people entering the room—they immediately slowed down, stopped talking, and brought themselves into line with the quieter, more meditative energy of the room. There was an air of mystery as people stared in fascination, wondering how the pods managed to hover. …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.