Cristina Schiavi, installation view of “Esta extraña forma mía de aparecer” (This strange way of mine of appearing), 2016.

Cristina Schiavi

Buenos Aires

Miranda Bosch Gallery

An important artist in the history of Argentine art, Cristina Schiavi is also a curator and manager of major projects, including Basilico, which she developed for international residencies. After several years without a solo exhibition, Schiavi recently reappeared with works that establish a dialogue between abstract geometric Modernism and the figuration that she says defines her. What stands out in her shows, however, are not recognizable human presences or clearly identifiable objects. Schiavi plays with structure, volume, color, and materials— in this case, MDF and acrylics—while installing her works in a larger spatial web of words and sketches. It sounds like a lot, but the space between the sculptures allowed for breathing room. Because Schiavi’s work is subtle and elegant, it holds the attention, and we can even say that it is aesthetically beautiful. But these formal considerations are sustained by a conceptual process, which leads to small, individual installations that, together, shape an entire exhibition. …see the entire review in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.